Diamond ProTech Guarantee Program

Thank you for purchasing a Diamond ProTech Professional coating. Once applied by a certified installer and cared for properly, this coating will provide a showroom shine and surface protection for years to come.

This guarantee applies to the professionally applied coatings for their specific terms of longevity displayed below:



PRO 36


PRO 60


PRO 120


PRO 120 Spray


We guarantee that coatings listed above will not become discolored or stained.
If they do, the damaged sections will be repaired and re-coated without charge to the consumer. This repair must be completed by one of our certified installers and approved through a Diamond ProTech Guarantee claim.

To uphold your Diamond ProTech guarantee you must visit the Diamond ProTech Certified Installer who applied your original coatings every 12 months during the period of your guarantee. If you have moved since the coating was installed, please email guarantee@diamondprotech.com. This is so that we can advise you to a Diamond ProTech Certified Installer in your area. Please contact your installer when it is time to schedule your appointment.

The Diamond ProTech Guarantee will not cover the following:

  • Damage caused by collisions, accidents, scratches, abrasions, rock chipping, acts of vandalism, burns, chemicals not designed for use on automotive paint, or any other coatings or paints on top of the Diamond ProTech coating
  • Damage from rust
  • Application of the coating to any matte or satin paint finishes
  • Application of the coating to any surface other than exterior paintwork of a vehicle
  • Vehicle manufacturer defects or defects from repairs prior to the application of the coating, which affects the finish of the paintwork resulting in: paint imperfections, flaking or peeling paint, foreign matter in the paint, an orange peel or textured look, separation of clear coat from the paintwork
  • Spotting caused by water left to dwell on the surface of vehicle

This guarantee applies only to the coatings set out in the table above.
This guarantee is non-transferable. This guarantee will not apply:

  • If the coating was applied by a non-Certified Installer
  • If you exceed the number of claims allowed: PRO36/PRO60- two claims, PRO120/PRO120SPRAY- three claims
  • The damage takes place in a country which was not the place of purchase or where we do not distribute the coating at the time of purchase by you
  • You do not supply us with your guarantee authentication code

This guarantee does not affect your legal rights under the Consumer Contracts regulations in relation to faulty or mis-described goods.

To help maintain the quality of the Diamond ProTech coating we strongly recommend that you use our Diamond Maintenance Kit, available from www.diamond protech.com and follow our care instructions.

To make a claim under this guarantee you, or the certified technician who applied the coating, should email us at guarantee@diamondprotech.com. Please provide us with your name, phone number, guarantee authentication code, a brief description and photographs of the damage. We will then arrange for an assessor to inspect the car during normal business hours at a location specified by the assessor.