Welcome To The Certified Professional Program


Our professional products are only available to Diamond ProTech Certified Professionals

Diamond ProTech Certified Professionals will receive special technical attention, as well as help building your business. Certified Professionals will have access to:

  • A line of Professional-only products that offer 3, 5 and 10 year coatings – beyond our consumer 3 year Diamond Body 36 offering.
  • A dedicated team of IDA-certified detailers that are attached to this program in order to oversee our customer service, Q&A, instructional methods and events.
  • Advice to help your shop thrive. From advertising, shop layout, operational tips and our ability to drive customers to you from our social media accounts and website.
  • Special Pricing when purchasing from diamondprotech.com

This is our investment in the professionals who want to evolve their product usage to the next level of technology.

Diamond ProTech wants you to clearly understand the breakthrough nature of our product and be able to deliver it confidently from your shop – enhancing both your reputation and our brand.

It is therefore reasonable that we are careful about who we release our products to. When professionals apply the coating and follow our instructions and application tips, the customer will see the full performance that we have offered.

We are taking an innovative approach to certifying our professional installers by asking them to prove they are qualified professionals as evidenced by a questionnaire and some information about your business.

If your application is approved, the next steps are:

1. Pay a $500 Training Fee

2. Complete the Online Training Curriculum

3. Graduate and Receive a Graduation Gift Box containing:

a. Diamond ProTech Consumer & PRO Coating Products (worth over $500)
b. A framed Course Completion Certificate to display in your shop
c. Over $100 of our Gear
d. Free Marketing Brochures for your Business
e. Membership in our Diamond Professionals Club

    After that, you will:

      • Purchase professional products at a professionals’ price
      • Maintain your professional status with continuing education, (required)
      • Get benefits from a proprietary communication channel with your fellow professionals in the Club.



    • Operate a detailing business.
    • Business History of 3 years minimum and personal detailing experience of at least 6 years OR completion of professional detailing courses.
    • Have experience with high end paint corrections and coatings
    • Have enough space to properly apply Diamond ProTech Coatings (temperature control, humidity control, etc) 
    • Have ‘garage keepers’ or otherwise equivalent liability insurance *Or EU Equivalent*
    • Proof of legal business (Business license / EIN Documentation) *Or EU Equivalent*
    • Provide the information that we request below – it will be used for both qualification and for advertising your business on our website as a link to your advertising medium (we do this as a service to you and take no financial remuneration in the process from any party)


    Hands on Certification

    If by chance you do not meet the above criteria to be a certified installer, but believe you should be considered, please fill out the application anyway. We have other certification avenues which will be presented to you which may include our hands-on training and certification. Please reach out to us for any questions concerning the in person certification process.

    Look for our pre scheduled training events throughout the year.